As your partner in the outdoor advertising industry, Formetco has built our reputation on providing the highest quality products and top-notch customer service. From helping you choose your board – be it traditional or digital – to manufacturing your custom product(s) to installation, no detail is too small. In fact, we’re always asking ourselves, “how can we take that extra step, how can we improve, how can we make things easier and better for you, our customer?”

That’s the kind of thought process that goes on every day at our company and, actually, what ran through the mind of Chris Adams, our Product Manager of Outdoor Hardware about four years ago.

After being in the field and working with installers during his more than two decades at Formetco, Chris believed there should be a more efficient and safer way for installers to attach their ladders, climb, and transition to a catwalk.

He drew up several ideas and ran them by our operations department. Utilizing the feedback he received internally and also that from other billboard companies, Chris’ invention was ready to go. Because of the need to solve this challenging problem, sales took off and today, some of the industry’s largest operators are benefitting from Chris’ big ideas!

Those Big Ideas are the Ladder Stabilizer and Ladder Grab for Billboards

As Formetco’s Safety Director, Jim Poage explains, “falls are a major issue, and another is the proper use of portable ladders. A shifting ladder can cause a fall, or a ladder that falls to the ground can strand a worker on a deck, leaving them forced to call for help, or take a dangerous approach to getting down from the location.”

Ladder Grab

In the past, OSHA spelled out a requirement to tie off a ladder at the top using a three-foot length of rope. This method required climbing to the top of the ladder, then securing the ladder, which exposed employees to a hazardous condition when securing the ladder for a climb. That’s why the Formetco Ladder Stabilizer is a unique solution to this problem. It can be installed on a deck or other secure surface, and in a designated location, which prevents confusion on where the best place to set up the ladder would be. When the ladder rung is set into the metal channel, it sets the ladder at the proper angle for the climb. Once the worker has reached the channel that is holding the ladder in place, a security pin can be locked over the rung to prevent the ladder from falling out of the metal support channel. All you have to do is reverse the process when descending the ladder.

This product is specially designed to prevent ladders from slipping or tipping unexpectedly while accessing catwalks or fixed ladders. Installation of this device is permanent, and creates a safe access point to a specific area, taking the guesswork out of where to place a ladder at each structure location.

Formetco’s Ladder Stabilizer is a No-Brainer

As safety is a top priority for any billboard operator, the Ladder Stabilizer is invaluable when it comes to preventing accidents. Best of all, operators can go back and retrofit their billboards right now with the Ladder Stabilizer, making for easier and safer installations for years to come!

Ladder Stabilizer:

  • Is designed to prevent slips or tipping while accessing catwalks and fixed ladders
  • Permanent installation creates a safe access point to specific areas
  • Eliminates unstable ladder placement while ensuring correct 75-degree climbing angle
  • Is constructed with quality galvanized steel to resist corrosion
  • Is suitable for attaching to catwalk kick rails, vertical flat surfaces, or fixed ladders (complete installation kit included)
  • Has a universal design works with any type of ladder
  • Recommended placement near horizontal and vertical lifeline systems, or other authorized anchorage point for fall protection for safer climber access.
  • Sold with Ladder Grab or separately

Ladder Grab, the Only Ladder Lifeline System Designed by Billboard Safety Experts

Once the ladder is secured with the Ladder Stabilizer, Ladder Grab creates a safer climb with a greater ladder access area. Because the mounting hardware is located behind the ladder – not the front – the installer doesn’t have to worry about catching their clothing or cuts, scrapes and bruises from striking obtrusive hardware.

Ladder Grab also provides a seamless journey by allowing the climber to keep both hands free and focused on climbing! Whether ascending or descending, cable guides are designed to allow the cable sleeve to pass through with ease. Installation is a snap, too with easy-to-follow instructions included. The top bracket rests on the ladder rungs, making this the fastest and most cost-effective installation of any system available today.

Ladder Grab:

  • Complies with OSHA requirements for Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Safety
  • Is an engineered system with ongoing ANSI compliance testing
  • Has high-grade components to ensure the greatest structural integrity
  • Works with 7×19 galvanized or stainless-steel cable with 3/8” diameter
  • Can be purchased with or without cable (cable must meet system specifications)

As Your Outdoor Advertising Partner, We’re Thrilled to Provide You With the Safety Prevention Your Installation Team Deserves.

You no longer have to shop for various pieces of equipment from vendors that don’t understand your business. Formetco has comprehensive billboard gear and safety packages specifically for billboard climbers.

Put an end to heart-stopping ladder experiences with Formetco’s Ladder Stabilizer and Ladder Grab today. Click here to view videos on how these products work to keep your business running safely and efficiently.

To stay informed about new rules and regulations, our qualified experts have specially designed training events, videos, climber courses and cutting edge safety equipment to help keep your workplace safe and your employees injury-free.

To learn more about these programs and Ladder Stabilizer and Ladder Grab, contact us today!