As a business owner trying to market your goods or services, you’re probably always considering ways to up your marketing strategies. A great way to do this is to install a billboard. When you’ve got a billboard installed, you will be able to market to diverse demographics who might not have interacted with your company otherwise. When a billboard is up, you’ll be able to have prime real estate on a highway or roadway, and people will be captivated by the large graphic that adorns the billboard and advertises your business! What’s not to like about marketing that works? 

When you’re in a pinch and looking to market your product or service fast, you might be concerned with how long it takes to make a billboard. Formetco knows that it’s confusing to learn about billboards and all of the things that go into billboards, so we’re going to break down the timeline of making a billboard for you. Plus, you might be wondering: how long should I leave a billboard up once it’s installed? That’s a good question, so we’ll go over how long a billboard should stay up once it’s up. Let’s get into it. 

The great news is that making a billboard is usually an incredibly efficient process. In most cases, once your graphic is designed and you know where your billboard is going, it usually only takes about two to three weeks for your billboard to get installed. The long part might be waiting to design your billboard or waiting for approval for your billboard to be located on a specific city street, but besides these factors, it does not take long for your billboard to be displayed. 

Once your billboard is up, you are probably wondering how long it should be up. It’s a good thing to consider because you don’t want your advertising to get stale, and one of the great things about billboards is that you will have a significant and wide-reaching audience because your ad is on the road. However, think about it this way: if your billboard is stationed on a highway, a lot of your demographic probably frequents that highway every day, going to work or doing their routine. Although you’ll undoubtedly get new drivers, people tend to stick to the same roads often. So, it makes sense that you would want to rotate your message on the billboard so that you can update what drivers see often.

A rule of thumb for keeping billboards up is that they should be posted for about four weeks. However, it is not a bad thing for billboards to stay up as long as several months. Many factors will determine how long your billboard stays up. For example, it costs a monthly fee to house a billboard. So, if paying the monthly ‘rent’ to keep a billboard up is not copacetic with your budget, you might not want to keep your billboard up for longer than one month. Although you’ll have to pay a flat fee to install the billboard, it might be worth the extra cost to keep your billboard up for the extra month or so.

Another thing that determines how long your billboard stays up is the time-sensitivity of the thing that you’re advertising. Let’s say you’re promoting a summer deal, and the promotion is slotted to last for all of July and August. If your billboard has specific dates and certain time-sensitive terms, you’re not going to want to keep that billboard up into September if your deal only lasts for June and July. 

The timeline that makes sense for a billboard will vary, but it is essential to know that your business is constantly changing, so billboards should change to fit whatever is happening with your company. That’s a perk of installing digital billboards. It’s easier to revise the message displayed when showing an advertisement on a digital billboard. Whereas a conventional billboard will have to be installed and deinstalled whenever you’re ready to show a new message, when you have a digital billboard, you can offer new messages without physically having to take down a piece of vinyl. This makes it so that you can be more flexible and faster with your timeline for showing a billboard. 

Formetco knows about billboards, and we want to ensure you have all the information about how to have the best billboard because billboards are the full-proof way to market whatever you’re trying to sell. No matter how large or small your question is, reach out to us because we love to help people craft the billboard of their dreams. Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ve learned how long it takes to make billboards—and how long you should be displaying your billboard.