Billboards are an efficient way to advertise your good or service. When you’ve got a billboard, you’re going to be able to broadcast your advertisement to a diverse and large audience, which is always a perk. There are many different ways to advertise, but even with new advertising techniques emerging daily, billboards are still one of the most popular ways to market a business. 

As with all advertising techniques, there are costs associated with having a billboard. Sure, there are costs when you’re constructing a billboard, but there are also expenses required of you after the billboard is installed. In order for a billboard to be as successful as possible, you’ve got to maintain it! 

To ensure that you’re informed about the costs of billboard upkeep, we’re going to describe all of the different costs that go into maintaining a billboard. By the end, you’ll understand the different expenses that are associated with billboard upkeep.


Why Do I Need to Maintain My Billboard? 

The most important thing to discuss before getting into the different costs of billboard upkeep is why you should even maintain your billboard in the first place. There are multiple different kinds of billboards, but the most common types of billboards are traditional billboards and digital billboards. And with each kind of billboard, there are plenty of reasons you should maintain it. 

To put things simply, you need to maintain your billboards for aesthetic, relevance, and for safety reasons. If you have a billboard that isn’t attractive to the eye, then you aren’t going to be able to sell your ad space successfully. And if you have a billboard that is advertising an expired promotion, then you’re not going to attract customers. Finally, if you have a billboard that isn’t up to the safety code, then you can potentially cause harm. None of these scenarios are good, so it’s vital that you maintain your billboard.

The Costs of Maintaining A Billboard 

We’ve established that it’s incredibly important to maintain your billboard, so here is a list of things that will cause you to have to repair your billboard.

A Faulty Catwalk: As with all things, you have to ensure that your billboard is up to code with OSHA guidelines. This means that if you’re installing a billboard, it must have a safely installed catwalk that remains maintained as long as the billboard is up. A catwalk will ensure that the billboard is safe for people who are routinely working on your billboard. So, if something happens with your catwalk, you’re going to need to get it repaired. This can be a very expensive expenditure if not handled correctly. 

A Large Storm: Of course, if a storm hits and causes damage to your billboard, you’re going to have to get it repaired. A storm could cause an array of problems with your billboard. Although a storm could cause only minor cosmetic problems, storms can also cause substantial structural damage. So, regardless of what a storm does to your billboard, you’re going to have to be prepared to repair whatever is needed to ensure that your billboard is as safe and successful as it can be. 

Chipped and Peeling Paint: Both digital and traditional billboards are mounted on painted structures, which over time can corrude. This might not seem like a large problem, but if you have a billboard with peeling paint, then you’re going to seem unprofessional. If this is the case, then you won’t be able to successfully advertise your company, which defeats the purpose of having a billboard. You’re going to need to consult with painters and designers if your paint begins to chip, which will cost you money.

Perched Birds: This one might sound a little bit silly, but a real problem for billboard owners is that there are too many birds perched upon their signs. When birds get comfortable around the billboard, their drippings become a real nuisance. Not only do the drippings affect the billboard, but they litter everything underneath. If they start to nest up on the billboard that becomes an issue as well. So, you might have to pay to have a bird pan installed, which will help eliminate the bird concerns. 

Lighting Problems: If you have a traditional billboard, then you’re going to need light illuminating it so that it can be seen in the dark. To be clear, there are many cars that travel on the highway at night. So, if you’ve got a billboard on the highway with a vinyl ad hung on it, you’re going to need lights so that commuters can see the advertisement, even when it’s dark. And if for some reason,  you’re having problems with the light that illuminates your billboard, you’re going to need to get it repaired. This can get expensive, especially if you have an automated lights system.

Relocation and Removal: Although very rare, sometimes it’s necessary to move a billboard to a different location. For whatever reason this is needed, it can be expensive to move a billboard. So, if you pay to create a billboard, just know that there is a possibility you will have to move it—or take it down. Whether there’s a new safety code in place or you’re just not getting enough exposure with a certain location, it’s costly to move or remove a billboard.


Final Thoughts 

The common saying, ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money is extremely relevant when it comes to billboards. Although it might seem daunting that there are expenses required to maintain a billboard, it’s worth it in the end. 

Don’t fear the costs that are associated with maintaining a billboard. If you have questions about billboard maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Formetco Hardware. Our team is equipped to answer any question that you have about billboard maintenance, and we’re eager to ease any of your anxieties about the expenses that come with billboards. Contact Formetco Hardware today.