Billboard Climbing Gear Designed for You

You no longer have to shop various pieces of equipment from vendors that don’t understand your business. Formetco created comprehensive billboard gear and safety packages specifically for billboard climbers.

Billboard Operators can now purchase all-inclusive safety equipment to outfit new climbers or upgrade their inventory at an attractive price. Out of the box, the Select line provides all the equipment billboard climbers need to work safely with increased ease.

Vertical Life Line Systems

Lifeline systems and equipment designed exclusively for the billboard market by billboard safety experts. The only systems that are designed to protect the climber from the ground through the transition to the upper catwalk.


Designed with features that generic harnesses lack, Formetco harnesses are lightweight, provide easy access to equipment, improve comfort and performance, and keep your climbers dryer and cooler. Check out the only body harness for climbing billboards.

Safety Gear Accessories

Manufacturers have traditionally offered one-size-fits-all equipment. Browse accessories that increase convenience at every turn for billboard climbers.

Anchorage Connectors

Strict quality standards define the anchorage connectors. Designed to resist 5,000 lbs, your crew can rely on this high-performance equipment.

Ladder & Tool Accessories

Created to prevent mistakes, ensure security and streamline all elements of the job, Formetco accessories define best in class. Make sure your team is outfitted with gear that secures their tools and hardware while traversing billboards.

Horizontal Lifelines


Climber Packages

If you’re ready to onboard new climbers or upgrade your equipment, you can now purchase all-inclusive billboard operator supplies that come with everything your climbers need. Formetco even offers complimentary Basic Climber onboarding training classes to ensure your professionals are fully equipped from day one.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Formetco Select Gear

  • How can I get information on product pricing?

    Contact us to get a quote and learn about quantity price breaks. You have the option of bundling the gear to receive additional price breaks.
  • What billboard climbing gear packages do you offer?

    We offer a variety of climbing gear packages to suit all levels of climbers. Packages are assembled with everything you need to start climbing.
  • Do you offer training options for new billboard climbers?

    Not only do we have new climber safety gear packages, but we also offer new climber training and structure inspection training. Learn more on our Safety Resources page.