H.A.G.L. Measuring Poles

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for fast, accurate vertical measurements of billboard H.A.G.L. (Height Above Ground Level)
  • Consist of a series of fiberglass tubes that telescope upwards
  • Compact and lightweight at only 14 lbs.
  • Eye level reading – no calculations required (read-height is shown at top of base section)
  • Positive locking buttons, spring loaded and easy to extend
  • Plastic hook-on tip section and standardized parts for quick and easy repair and replacements
  • Red graduations marked in feet/inches and sealed in to prevent chipping or peeling
  • Fully extended 35’ and 50’ models available
  • 69” stored/retracted length
  • Carrying cases available for all models
  • 100% Tested per OSHA-ASTM FT

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