Trauma Suspension Relief Straps

Formetco’s Select Trauma Suspension Relief Straps are an important part of any rescue plan. They can be attached to any full-body harness that does not already have them or as replacements for damaged straps. They are used to relieve pressure and improve circulation in the lower extremities while waiting to be rescued after a fall. When the straps are attached together, they create a loop beneath the climber’s feet that the climber can stand in. The climber can bend their knees and use their muscles to balance on the strap, which allows better blood flow and helps mitigate the effects of suspension trauma injuries.


  • Simple to use after a fall
  • Unzip strap packs, hook straps together to form loop, stand in
  • Attach to the sides of any safety harness
  • Relives pressure on legs while waiting for rescue
  • Easy to adjust for different lengths
  • 310 lb. weight capacity

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